Equipment page. I'll be adding pictures and "rough" translations on their data. If you can supply me with screencaps of equipment types you come across that isn't already listed here, that would be great.

I'll be bringing in some basic data from "" so we know how many items the JP wiki has thus far. Getting pictures of them would be great, still. I'm also in the process of adding a crafting table as well with cross-referencing from the JP wiki.

Note: Once you put an equipment on your girls, you cannot remove it without the "Equipment Remover Tool" (which is a cash item). You can, however, replace it with another item with the caveat that the previous item is lost forever.


  • ATK - Attack
  • DEF - Defense
  • HIT - Hit rate
  • EVA - Evasion
  • LUK - Luck

Equipment List


Name Description Drop
Small Caliber Bullet - Personal
+1% ATK when attacking using HG, SMG, SG.
Medium Caliber Bullet - Personal
+1% ATK when attacking using AR, LMG.
Large Caliber Bullet - Personal +1% ATK when attacking using SR, AMR.
Small Caliber Bullet - Personal+ +1% ATK when attacking by HG, SMG, SG. +15 ATK, -8 DEF.

Protective Gear

Name Description Drop
Glove - Personal
+1% DEF, -4% ATK. 1-2,1-3, 3-5
Military Glove - Personal
+1% DEF, -4% HIT.
Metallic Glove - Personal
+1% DEF, -2% LUK.
Fingerless Glove - Personal
+1% DEF, -4% EVA.
Helmet - Personal
+1% DEF, -4% ATK. 2-3, 5-1
Small Caliber Ballistic Vest - Personal
+1% DEF against HG, SMG, SG.
Medium Caliber Ballistic Vest - Personal
Medium Vest
+1% DEF against AR, LMG.
Large Caliber Ballistic Vest - Personal+ +1% DEF against SR, AMR. +8 additional DEF, -2 HIT.
Ballistic Shield - Personal
Unusable on SR, AMR, LMG. +1% DEF, -4% ATK. 2-2, 4-4
High Performance Combat Equipment - Third Class In all fields, all stats +4. Izu Islands Vanguard Squad Event

2000x Medals Reward


Name Description Drop
Dot Sight - Personal
Unusable on SR, AMR, LMG. +1% HIT, -4% EVA. 2-1, 4-2
Red Dog Tag - Personal
Red Dog Tag
+2 LUK, -4% ATK. 2-4, 5-3
Blue Dog Tag - Personal +2 LUK, -4% DEF.
Blue Dog Tag - Personal+
Blue Dog Tag
+2 LUK, -4% DEF. -8 DEF +2 LUK.
Red Pendant - Personal
+1% ATK, -4% HIT. 3-2, 6-2
Blue Pendant - Personal
Blue Pendant
+1% ATK, -4% DEF.
Yellow Pendant - Personal +1% ATK, -4% EVA.
Yellow Pendant - Personal+
Yellow Pendant
+1% ATK, -4% EVA. +15 ATK, -2 EVA.
Red Amulet - Personal
Red Amulet
+1% HIT, -4% ATK. 3-1, 5-5
Blue Amulet - Personal
Blue Amulet
+1% HIT, -4% DEF.
Type-0 Radio - Personal +5% EVA, -2% ATK

Izu Islands Vanguard Squad Event

4000x Medals Reward

Type-2 Radio - Personal
+1% EVA, -4% HIT
Bipod/Tripod - Personal SR, AMR only. +1% HIT, -4% EVA.

Equipment Gallery

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