Iria Dokuzawa

No. 29 (Japanese Name)

Smg symbolH&K MP7A1

HP (Data) CT 100
Firepower (Data) Accuracy (Data)
Defense (Data) Evasion (Data)
Speed (Data) Luck (Data)
Range 1-2 Terrain City
Slot 1 (Lvl req.)
Slot 2 (Lvl req)
Slot 3 (Lvl req)
Slot 4 (Lvl req)
Slot 5 (Lvl req)
Protective Shield
[(leader skill/low chance/moderate chance)]
All platoon members gain 3% DEF.

[Leader skill]

Character information:

She's the gentle, caring big sister type. The fly in the ointment is that, because of her personality, she tends to just keep plunging ahead with a submachine gun that doesn't have much stopping power. Not that it matters, but her nickname of course is "Heave-ho."


Event Japanese English
Motto Instructor, Let's enjoy the fighting today!
Clicked Let's have a tea party and get to know each other!
Clicked Yes! I'll line up the troops today.
Clicked Of course, I'm always ready for deployment. I get it now.


  • The Pattern she wears is possibly Flecktarn.

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