Hoshizora Shinbaori

No. 85 x

Sg symbolMossberg Maverick M88

Char c 10085
HP 1980(????) CT 100
Firepower 1210(????) Accuracy 578(???)
Defense 750(???) Evasion 165(???)
Speed 415(???) Luck 100(???)
Range 1-2 Terrain City
Slot 1 Lvl.1
Slot 2 Lvl.1
Slot 3 Open After Promotion.
Slot 4 Expandable After Promotion.
Slot 5 Expandable After Promotion.
Snake eye
[Low chance]
Increase damage dealt by 1.3 when attacking.

Character information:

Diligent but inflexible. Always puts rules and commands above her own opinions, as a result of which she's often seen as gloomy and irritating.


Event Quote
Introduction I'm Hoshizora Shinbaori, I wield a Maverick M88 Mossberg. I'll pulverize our enemies bones.
Motto Your extermination has been ordered!

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