Michiko F. Mandy

No. 77 美智代・F・マンディ

Ar symbolMagpul Masada

Card 077
HP 1756(2275) CT 150
Firepower 1844(2392) Accuracy 545(705)
Defense 697(1177) Evasion 291(354)
Speed 529(591) Luck 100(180)
Range 2-4 Terrain City
Slot 1 Lv. 1
Slot 2 Lv. 1
Slot 3 Lv. ?
Slot 4 Lv. ?
Slot 5 Lv. ?
Snap Shot
[Moderate chance]
Immediately counterattack an enemy attack from within your range

Gun Info

An assault rifle produced by accessory manufacturers.

This here is the first assault rifle that the US firearm accessory manufacturer Magpul developed. They went on to sell production rights for it, and it's known as the "Bushmaster ACR" for civilian use and as the "Remington ACR" for military and law enforcement use. It uses 5.56mm NATO, 6.8mmx43SPC, and 7.62x39mm ammunition. This lets the user decide if they want more stability or more firepower, you see?


Event Japanese English Trivia



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