Seijou Kisara

No. 6 星条キサラ

Ar symbolM16A1

HP 1568(?) CT 150(150)
Firepower 1627(?) Accuracy 663(?)
Defense 508(?) Evasion 241(?)
Speed 440(?) Luck 150(?)
Range 2-4 Terrain City
Slot 1 Lv. 1
Slot 2 Lv. 1
Slot 3 Lv. 1
Slot 4 Lv. 1
Slot 5 Expansion
Owl eyes
[(leader skill/low chance/moderate chance)]
You gain the ability to see in the dark like an owl, nullifying negative weather effects

Character information:

Deeply influenced by 1960's hippie culture. Even so, she seems to have a distorted view of the idea of love and happiness, thinking that she can restore world peace with the business end of her gun. A vaguely dangerous, slightly trigger-happy girl.


Event Japanese English
Introduction I'm Kirara Seijo. I come baring an M16 with love and peace
Motto I'll show you the 16 isn't some old relic!
Clicked This unit formation, is it ok?
Clicked We don't need a strategy or anything. Engage at will, everyone!
Clicked I'm always ready! Where's the next opponent?!

In-game Info

CV: Minase Inori Illust: Kurono Yuu

Register Card




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