Aki Kanayama

No. 63 (Japanese Name)

Ar symbolT91 Assault Rifle

HP 1647(????) CT 150
Firepower 1463(????) Accuracy 471(???)
Defense 582(???) Evasion 234(???)
Speed 439(???) Luck 100(???)
Range 2-4 Terrain Cold
Slot 1 (Lvl req.)
Slot 2 (Lvl req)
Slot 3 (Lvl req)
Slot 4 (Lvl req)
Slot 5 (Lvl req)
[(leader skill/low chance/moderate chance)]
A whirlwind rises around you, nullifying negative weather effects

[Storm weather]

Character information:

Attacked by the UnKnown, she fled to Japan, the homeland of her grandmother. The T91 that she packs was a keepsake from her dear departed father. She got into the academy by passing an entrance exam, a raity at an academy so packed with students who were the best in their home towns.


Event Japanese English
Introduction I'm Aki Kanayama, this here 5.56mm T91 Assault Rifle is my partner in crime. Pleased to meet you.
Motto I will have my revenge.


Despite T91 has a same appearance like M4A1, it was popular among black market due a same performance with lower price. Even so, this weapon indubitibaly very useful for CQB.

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