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  • I live in Sweden / Stockholm
  • I was born on July 21
  • I am Red sausage and sometimes an attack helicopter
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    August 4, 2015 by ArcticaFrost

    Modernization 3 times

    Type 1:

    Type 1:

    Front Row: +Eva -Accuracy

    Back row: +Damage -Defense


    Front Two: +Eva -Accuracy

    Middle Two: +Damage -Defense

    Back Two: +Accuracy -Evasion

    Type 3:

    Front 2: +Eva -Accuracy

    Middle 2: +Damage -Defense

    Back 2: +Defense -Damage

    Type 4:

    Front 2 and Middle 2: +Movement -Damage

    Third: +Damage -Defense

    Back: +Accuracy -Evasion

    Type 5:

    Front 3: +Evasion -Accuracy

    Middle 2: +Damage -Defense

    Back: +Accuracy -Evasion

    Type 6:

    Front: +Evasion -Accuracy

    Middle 2: +Damage -Defense

    Back 3: +Accuracy -Evasion

    すべて任せる - Nothing

    正面侵攻 - Front invasion 

    南迂回侵攻 - South bypass invasion

    北迂回侵攻 - North bypass invasion

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