Day 1: Mission started. Striking hard Izu Oshima Island. The enemies didn't offer much resistance, so everything went quite well. Just as we expected, our platoon's casualty were pretty low. We brought quite a lot of resources with us from earlier campaigns and quests, plus we found some good resources supplies from the newly received quests, so there should be no problem. Or so I thought. Later that day, Izu Oshima was our.

Day 2: We marched toward Toshima Island. Completely different from Izu Oshima, the Unknown's forces here were really strong. We suffered heavy casualty on almost every battle. Our healthy resources supply betrayed us, as it slowly got drained away. Our scientists from the Level 7 Laboratory Room tried hard to refill the supply, but even them couldn't do much. We successfully captured Toshima, but with a heavy price. Did we underestimate the Unknown? Can our forces really keep on going like this? 

After reorganized our platoon, we tried to head toward Niijima Island, but a mysterious force just kept on pushing our ship back. We had no choice but to spend a night on Toshima. What was that thing, I wonder? Did the Unknown just develop some kind of new weapon systems? It couldn't be...right?

Day 3: There was almost no communication from the HQ, but we did hear that they were working on a way to get to Niijima Island. Hope that we can get moving soon...

The Unknown was attacking us a lot today. We managed to fence them all off, using the new formation, so they couldn't do much harm to us. However, our resources supply was almost empty, especially steel and gun powder for replenishing ammo. Ugh...

9 p.m. We got reinforcement sending from the HQ. Midori-chan cheerfully walked ahead with her favorite RSAF Enfield Bren Mk.1 in hands (and a bag of snacks on her back. Wait, did the HQ really permit her to bring snacks to the battlefield?), and behind her was Sara, carrying her Steyr AUG with the as-cold-as-ever face. They were really life-savers, since we really needed some good frontline units.

And thus, another day passed through....

Day 4: We finally got the confirmation from the HQ. We will be receiving special transport vehicle to go to Niijima Island in about 4 days. Hooray! In the meantime, I guess we should start saving supplies for the upcoming unpredictable battles...

We also heard that we will have more reinforcement coming tomorrow. Who is will be, I wonder? 

Day 5: The reinforcement came. It was Anri-chan from the Medical Corps. It's always good to have a masc---I mean medic in the team. Since our upcoming battles will just get harder and harder, with certainly a lot more casualty, we  really appreciated this little help. I'm a little bit worried about her, since she just keeps getting into a panic from time to time in her job, but...I guess I will just have to trust her for this task.

Our resources supply was temporarily out of the danger zone. In fact, we were doing a pretty good job at gathering resources. When the special transport vehicle arrived, we should have at least about 3000 resources to spare. Amazing, right?

Day 6: Only two day left until we have to leave Toshima Islands. Awww...If only I could speed up the time...I'm so bored of living here already...

More resources gathering today. Also, I heard that we just got a new student to our academy today. Kyle-san...right? The HQ asked us to take care of her, but we had to decline, since we didn't think that we needed more handgun-user (Kyle-san loved using her Walther P38) in our platoon (no offence, okay~?). Also, putting a newcomer right into a dangerous campaign like this is kinda cruel, don't you think?

Day 7: All skirmishes were stopped for today. Positively speaking, we should have about 7000(!) resources for tomorrow mission. I'm so excited, but also really anxious. How strong will the Unknown be in Niijima Island? Will our troops be enough for capturing the island?

No use thinking, guess I will just go to sleep. I can't be sleepy in the important day after all.

Day 8: Our vehicle arrived! Leaving no time wasted, we headed straight to our next target - Niijima Island. There were a lot more Unknown here than I thought. However, all of our practices during our stay on Toshima paid off - we managed to defeat them all, although casualties were unavoidable. Anri-chan had a lot of works today, as she ran back and forth, tending to the wounded students. We will need to thank her later.

Today was also the first time we had to engage the Unknown in a night battle. Midori-chan became our ace, as she was the only one equipped with night goggles. I guess the HQ didn't expect the Unknown to strike us at night...That said, we were trained for this at school, so the dark night didn't cause us too much trouble.  

We still have quite a lot of resources, so I don't think we will need to panic anytime soon XD Tomorrow, we will be heading to Shikinejima after cleaned up the rest of the Unknown forces here. Fighto!

Day 9: After cleared out the Unknown, we set off to Shikinejima at noon. The enemies here were not that much stronger than on Niijima, though they were still annoying enough that made us unable to settle a camp. We decided to do a tactical retreat back to Niijima to rest and spend more time training before coming back. We should be able to fight them back in 2 days time, or so I hope.

We also requested long-range support from the HQ, since CQC was no longer proved effective on Shikinejima, as we took too much damage from the Unknown. Reinforcement should be arrived in the next 12 hours, I heard. Hope that she will get used to our platoon soon, because our time is very limited.

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