Yukari Date

No. 13 x

Hg symbolDesert Eagle

HP (Data) CT (Data)
Firepower (Data) Accuracy (Data)
Defense (Data) Evasion (Data)
Speed (Data) Luck (Data)
Range (Data) Terrain (Data)
Slot 1 (Lvl req.)
Slot 2 (Lvl req)
Slot 3 (Lvl req)
Slot 4 (Lvl req)
Slot 5 (Lvl req)
[(leader skill/low chance/moderate chance)]

Character information:

5 feeet 1 inch tall, and extremely muscular. Possessing elite-level pysial strength among high schoolers, she has a gift for heading straight at opponents and fighting at zero distance wit her Deset Eagle, which uses magnum ammo.


Event Quote
Introduction I am Yukari Date! Don't stick your nose up at this little guy... he shoots magnum bullets!
Motto I'm going to work hard again today!

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